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Eye Level is a program that teaches Math, Reading, Writing and Critical thinking. 

Eye Level Acworth Learning Center is a self-directed learning environment. We believe in helping students learn at their own pace. Our programs are individualized to cater to the needs of each student. Find out more about how Eye Level of Acworth can help your child develop his/her interest in learning, gain self-confidence, and further develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Critical Thinking is the Difference

At our center we cover all the basic concepts in math with progressive exercises until mastery is achieved. But we also teach critical thinking. Our students develop analytical and problem solving skills that they will apply to all aspects of learning and life.

Why Choose Eye Level?

So why choose Eye Level? There are so many things that distinguish us from alternative tutoring services, but we would like to highlight what we feel are the three most important.

1. Commitment to your child.

No matter what your reason for attending Eye Level, we are committed to providing your child with the most positive experience possible. This pervades everything we do - from the booklets and program we select for your child, to their interaction with our staff. We believe that every child, no matter what their history deserves the chance to feel good about themselves and their schoolwork.


2. Eye Level has the best curriculum around.

There is simply no competition when it comes to the quality of instruction and curriculum that you will find at Eye Level. We are the only center worldwide that offers a Critical Thinking component as part of our Math program. Furthermore, our curriculum is developed in a way that allows children to make progress and proceed through levels, even if they are still struggling to grasp a certain concept. Because material moves slowly, yet progressively, concepts that may provide initial difficulties for students are systematically revisited in multiple ways to allow students to gain a complete understanding of material. Our program recognizes the multiple ways in which children learn and absorb information, and addresses them through various learning activities.

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